Maggie Noodles with Napa Cabbage

We wanted to be tacos night two weeks ago. Though we needed lettuce. So, I asked Mehul to pick up Romaine lettuce and explained to him what it looked like. Mehul comes home with something Xtremly similar to what I had described lettuce would look like. I knew it wasn’t lettuce though because it didn’t look the same. So, I sent few photos to friends in order to identify what it was that I had. Long story short, it was Napa Cabbage.

It waited in my fridge for almost 10-12 days before I looked up to see what I can do with the Cabbage. I REALLY didn’t want to waste it.

I ended up making Cabbage Noodle.  I read few recipes online to get an overall idea and made it my own. Here is a quick snap. I will provide the recipe little later when I find more time.

Alright, Here is the recipe (modify as needed).

First, I used maggie Noodles instead of pasta. 1. because I had it and 2. it comes with this masala pack (masala is a collection of different indian spices mixed together).

I started to boil noodles at high. While it was boiling, I chopped up cabbage and collected in a colander.
Once noodles were done, I pour them (including the hot boiling water) on the cabbage. This way the hot water cooked the cabbage just about right.

wisk together peanut butter, tsp of balsamic vinegar, and tsp of soy sauce. I added pinch of salt and some seseme seeds.

Heat up the mix of sauce in skillet (or any other vessel) and once the peanut butter is all melted, add the hot cabbage and noodles.

p.s. I added a few red pepper flakes to give it a little kick 😉