Lara Bar – Cashew Cookie

It was Monday July 5th. And, I was determined to bring well overdue Lara bar to life. I got this great recipe from a friend who directed me to this site.

Last month, I happen to be in an Indian store in Jersey City with my MIL. She convinced me that their cashews were on sale. Long story short, we ended buying lots of cashews. Well, I had to do something with them…

So, I decided to re-create CASHEW COOKIE flavor of Lara Bar.

Take about 15-20 (cut in two pieces) pitted dates (1/3 cup).
Take about 30 Cashews (1/2 cup).

First chop dates in the food processor. Take it out and set it aside in a bowl.
Next, chop cashews in the processor and pour on top of dates.
Sprinkle a pinch of cinnamon.

Start mixing dates and cashews with your hands (I made sure I removed nail polish and clean my hands in advance). Enlightened Cooking referred to the mixing process same as playing with play-dough.

Take about 3-4 big tablespoon full and start making a ball in your hands (rather the palm). From here, start making the rectangle shape (like the actual bar) and wrap it using plastic wrap. Note: place out the plastic wrap beforehand; this way you will avoid sticky-ness. You can refrigerate if you want, but not needed.

Thanks to Sarah for the Enlightened Cooking link.

Next on the list: coconut, chocolate, date bar……..hmmmmmmmmmm