Korean Tofu Wrap

This week has been really crazy at work that I have had to go down for lunch almost everyday and get something boring for lunch. Then, I end up treating myself to brownie or a cookie not to only make up for my lunch cravings but to cheer me up from work stress. Anyways, when I went down today to get my usual salad or soup, I happen to glance at the sandwich bar and saw that they had this veggie wrap. I had to think for few minutes before I decided to give it a try. The guy wrapped it up for me to go and by the time I made it upstairs to my office, I could only wait to see what it had stored for me. I opened the wrapper and it was all a mess because the water from the sauce had all come out and made the bread all soggy, and above all it looked yucky.

When I took my first bite, I was instantly in heaven. This wrap was full of shredded split peas, carrots with some squash and Tofu, along with this delicious sauce. It was really a mess to eat but the wrap really did the trick on my stressful day and relaxed me. It was a full mess of deliciousness.