Indian Burritto?

Center City welcomed first ever Dosa place, except it’s called Chutney House. Friends from work and I finally made it there for lunch time, and once we got there the place was packed. I thought it was going to take forever but our food was served pretty fast. The place is also nicely decorated and the staff was very nice.

I order #13 on the menu – Smoked Paneer with roasted onions, cheese and spinach, with Chutney on side. I guess they call it Chutney House instead of Dosa House because they don’t give Sambar with the Dosa (typical pair – imagine having mash potatoes without gravy). I was hoping to have Sambar with my Dosa, but I guess it’s a new concept. The Dosa option from the menu has many varieties and you can match them with an appropriate chutney.

Regardless of the name, it is delish! I can’t wait to go there again.