Addition to the family

Day before my birthday – Oct. 30th – we found out that I was pregnant.

okay….so let’s back up a bit. We went to Turkey/Egypt in July and we wanted to make a baby by the pyramids 😉 well, that didn’t happen! (obviously). So, we found out a little later that I was expecting a baby…this little later happened to be day before my birthday and the day of law firm retreat. I am glad I found out that morning because law firm retreat means lots of booz. We had booked a hotel in Philly for the night to celebrate my bday the next day in the city by taking a chocolate/wine tour (well, that didn’t happen either).

The weekend went by real quick and we really enjoyed our time in the city.

The following weekend we shared the news with Mehul’s family while we were visiting NJ and during the thanksgiving weekend, we shared the news with my family while they visited us in PA.

Today we had our first ultrasound and there’s definately baby in there 😉 Here are couple of photos – yes, the second one, she/he is kicking the foot in the air (doing yoga?)