Tofu Masala Curry

I had Tofu in my fridge for two weeks now. I initially bought it so I can give some to Aakash. But, I haven’t done it yet – for possible allergens.

So, I decided to india-fy it!

Tofu – cubed – sauted a bit in oil
Onion – chopped
Tomato – sliced
Green chilies
Whole cumin
Oil – spoon full, not much

I first put whole cumin seeds in oil and let it cook for a bit. Then I add chopped onion and cover the pan. Add little salt if you’d like. After 4-5 minutes of onions browning, add all the masalas (and any modifiers you may want) to the onions. Let it cook for a minute. Then, add Tofu and cup of water. Then, add sliced Tomato and let it all simmer for 5-10 minutes. Tomatoes shouldn’t be cooked all the way.

This way, you have an onion based curry and not tomatoes.
Enjoy with brown rice or Roti!