Asian food by SIL

This weekend, Mehul’s brother, wife, two kids, (BWKs) and parents visited us in PA because BWKs were going to be in Canada during A’s birthday week/end (july4-8, when the whole family is planning to be here in PA (from Ohio and parents from NJ)). Anyways, they wanted to come celebrate his birthday before they head off to Canada for the month of July. Well, SIL decided to cook us Asian food saturday night and it was all delicious. So.Good.

I watched (and helped) her prepare few of the stuff but, mostly it was all her. I loved all the food she made. Maybe one day I will ask her to blog the recipes. For now, enjoy these mouth-watering photos. Mango Sushi, Lettuce Wrap, and Flat Bread:


Deep Fried Oreo

We took Aakash to Ocean City, NJ this weekend and had a fantastic time. Food was definitely a concern of mine because we wanted to hang out on the beach and boardwalk a lot. I also wanted to take him to some games and some plays around the corner (they have mary-go-round, etc.).

I fed him mainly in the stroller and he had finger food while on the beach (including a funnel cake :)) He loved it. The food. The sand. The water. Pooping in the ocean. Drinking water. Eating sand. Everything. We loved watching him have fun and enjoying the nature.

Anyways, while walking back to the hotel, I saw a sign of Oreo Cookie and had to go check it out. It reminded me of Oreo Cookie I missed out made by a friend Sarah right after I left the law firm. So, this brought memory back and I wanted to try it so bad. I ordered and it came with five deep fried Oreos drizzled with chocolate.

photo (2)

IT.WAS.SO.OVERWHELMING.IN.MY.MOUTH! I am not sure what it was. Was it me getting over excited? Was I too full from lunch? Was it too hot outside? Was it the drizzled chocolate on top? Or, was it because I watched them make it? I am not sure what but, I could only eat one of it. And, I had to force myself to finish it.

Perhaps next time I try it, it will be a party in my mouth? I hope so!