Naan Pizza

We had an amazing party with family from Ohio and New Jersey for Aakash. There was so much food and so much chaos (good kind) for four full days. I felt like all I did was eat constantly. My mom made roti (bread), green beans subzi, cabbage subzi, and all of other Gujarati food she makes on daily basis. I made chole and paneer dish. To make sure there was enough for everyone, we ordered malai kofta and garlic naan from Himalaya. Everyone loved the food and we had fun eating the cake from Wegmans (Which we realized was just plain because the lady who took the order, didn’t write things down right and A just had plain cake instead of this fancy micky mouse one we picked out). Regardless, it was delish!

Anyways, you can image how much left-over I had come sunday when everyone was gone. I decided to make Pizza using the leftover garlic naan. It came out really good. We had our friends Aparna and Anand come join us to help attack the deliciousness of it.