I want to call this a potluck punch because I made it for our potluck last sunday. We had few local friends come over for a gathering – mainly because I found out that most of them haven’t seen the new house, and also, three of the girls are expecting soon and I know how hard it will be to hang out with them for at least first few months. So, I figured why not!

I made Paneer Curry, had some appetizer including my infamous salsa (I am disappointed I haven’t blogged this yet), and of course we provided the drinks. I knew most girls would want non-alcoholic beverage. And, I decided to bring out my punch bowl from wedding gifts. Everyone loved it!

* Pop clUb soda – two quarts
* Crystal light lemoNade flaver – 2 packs
* frozeN limeade conceNtrate, thawed – 1 can
* raspberry sherbet 1-2 quarts

Mix all in but the sherbet and add 1 quart of sherbet once the first three are mixed. When serving, scoop one scoop of sherbet into the glass using the second quart. Enjoy!

Pure Unbelievable.Non-stop.Crazy.Heaven.


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