Naan Pizza

We had an amazing party with family from Ohio and New Jersey for Aakash. There was so much food and so much chaos (good kind) for four full days. I felt like all I did was eat constantly. My mom made roti (bread), green beans subzi, cabbage subzi, and all of other Gujarati food she makes on daily basis. I made chole and paneer dish. To make sure there was enough for everyone, we ordered malai kofta and garlic naan from Himalaya. Everyone loved the food and we had fun eating the cake from Wegmans (Which we realized was just plain because the lady who took the order, didn’t write things down right and A just had plain cake instead of this fancy micky mouse one we picked out). Regardless, it was delish!

Anyways, you can image how much left-over I had come sunday when everyone was gone. I decided to make Pizza using the leftover garlic naan. It came out really good. We had our friends Aparna and Anand come join us to help attack the deliciousness of it.


Asian food by SIL

This weekend, Mehul’s brother, wife, two kids, (BWKs) and parents visited us in PA because BWKs were going to be in Canada during A’s birthday week/end (july4-8, when the whole family is planning to be here in PA (from Ohio and parents from NJ)). Anyways, they wanted to come celebrate his birthday before they head off to Canada for the month of July. Well, SIL decided to cook us Asian food saturday night and it was all delicious. So.Good.

I watched (and helped) her prepare few of the stuff but, mostly it was all her. I loved all the food she made. Maybe one day I will ask her to blog the recipes. For now, enjoy these mouth-watering photos. Mango Sushi, Lettuce Wrap, and Flat Bread:

Vegetarian Biryani

-one small onion
-one small bell pepper (whichever kind you have – multiple kind if you have extra)
-about 3-4 cut top heads of cauliflower (one cup cut)
-1/2 cup of cut green beans
-1/4 cup of sweet peas
-very small potato – chopped
-mustered seeds
-3 tbsp of oil
-salt and pepper
-3 green chillies cut
-1 cup of white basmati rice
-1/2 of brown basmati rice
-2 cups of water
-lemon juice

Start boiling/cooking rice in water. Let it cook normally but you don’t want the rice to be mushy – you want it to cook it to separate. let it cool.

put oil in flat frying pan (or wok), let cumin and mustered seeds spluttered. Once done, add all the veggies. Let it cook for few mins and add garlic, ginger, and green chilies. Once all the veggies are cooked (just medium, not well done), add all the masalas (paprika, turmeric, salt, pepper) and add cool rice to it. Mix it well and sprinkle some lemon juice on top (to taste).

Enjoy with some yogurt.

Double stack veggie burger

Since I found out that I need to be on a low card/low sugar diet in my pregnancy, it’s been real tough. I eat a lot of bread being a vegetarian and all, so reading the label to find out how much carb and sugar each slice of bread has SHOCKED me. I never knew!

When I make the veggie burger at home now, I use two patties of the veggie burger and use only two slice of bread. Today, I used slice of bread, veggie patty (Garden Burger, chipotle flavor), two slices of tomatoes, onions, ketchup, mustard, slices of jalapenos, sprinkle chaat masala, green chutney, and lettuce. I repeat this after I put another slice of veggie patty on top of all of these ingredients. DELICIOUS!

Rosa Mexicano

For Easter, Tonia and Brian invited us to join Brian’s family for a brunch. Well, we started exploring on where to eat and I had told her that Mehul and I plan to go hang out at the National Harbor for the day. It turns out that Brian’s parents did not mind meeting us there for brunch/lunch also.

We picked Rosa Mexicano because Tonia had been waiting for the Guacamole en Molcajete (i.e., live Guacamole) 🙂 We ended up ordering two: one extra spicy and the other mild. They were both great. I got Vegetales a la Brasa/Skillet Roasted Vegetables for my entree and it was soooooo gooooood. Brian’s dad, Mike, treated us for the lunch, which was very nice. Thanks Mr. Dollinger 🙂

After lunch we went over to check out the Gaylord Hotel and then walk over the the mini-beach to see “The Awakening” and treated all of us to some Gelato, which I only had 3-4 spoonful of it 😦

I would definitely come back and hang out at the national harbor next time I am in the area. There is this restaurant named “ketchup” that I would go eat at. It just looked cool 😉 – hopefully they are veggie friendly!


Ever since I (temporarily) moved to Virginia/DC area, Tonia wanted all of us to go out to dinner in DC as my welcome dinner. And, we’d been wanting to go to Rasika. Well, Rasika apparently requires months in advanced reservation for a big group – they are just that special, I guess.

So, we finally got a date April 23, 2011 to go out for a dinner treat. It was definitely a treat! Both Mehul and I had the four-course tasting menu while Tonia and Brian went out and had the six-courses. Alex also did the regular four-course order. Carolyn, Kinjal and Utpal all order individual entrees.

All of us started out with their signature appetizer dish – Palak Chaat. This is by far the BEST indian appetizer I’ve ever had. It was so delicious, the deep friend (no batter) spinach leaves just melted in my mouth.

As my second, I had the appetizer, Tawa Baingan (eggplant with spiced potato) – again delicious!

As our third and fourth course – the chef actually gave a veriety between the two order of vegetarian course so that we are not eating the same courses. In combination, we got Bhindi Amchoor, Dal Makhani, Vegetable Dhansak, and Gobhi Mattar.

For dessert, we were given a sample menu that included: one Gulab Jamun, Carrot Halva, Cardamon Ice Cream and crisp apple fried (like a slice of a donut):

All in all the entire dinner experience was AWESOME. However, I would probably do this once a year or so because of the cost of the entrees. The four-course tasting menu was $58 each (no tax or gratuity – or wine for that fact!).

Cherry Blossom

Mehul and I went to Cherry Blossom opening weekend in DC today. We started out with the Freer and Sackler Galleries then met up with Nina and D. We started at the Mall and walked around to the Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial, WWII, Lincoln, Korean, and to the White House. By this time I was so tired from walking all day that we had to call it quit. We took the metro to Rosslyn and had dinner at the Cafe Asia. I had their yellow curry and I feel like the quality of their food had gone down from when I used to go three years ago. There was no presentation. The waitress was bit annoyed that D asked for a COLD beer instead of the warm one she served. It wasn’t the same experience I had few years back, so I was definitely disappointed.

But, here’s the bright moment of the day…