Eggs for dinner

I wasn’t really in mood for anything today. I opened the fridge and I saw I had cherry tomatoes (leftover from helping hands mom’s dinner). I was thinking “gosh, I really don’t want to have them go waste and I really don’t like eating cherry tomatoes by itself, so what can I do?” Then, I saw eggs. Hmmmm, omlet perhaps?

Well, it turned out delicious. I cut up onions, cherry tomatoes, two small green chilly (of course!). I put 1tsp of coconut oil on my egg pan, crack open one egg. Poke the yolk gently (I had runny eggs), and top it with all above, added salt and some paprika (usually i do black pepper but I felt like eating something super spicy today). egg


New Years Eve – Cinco de Mayo style

We celebrated NYE with couple of friends and I decided to make mexican dip. Why not?
We love mexican food and so I decided to make it a bit fancy looking – tasting the same as it ever does.
Simple layers of (in order):
refried beans
sour cream
sprinkle taco seasoning (optional)
top with tomatoes
After taking a photo, of course I remember that I was missing jalapenos. So I added that on top 🙂


Mehul decide to make Sev Puri – an Indian Dish
You also ‘layer’ these (in order)
lay out puris on a plate
place cubed boiled potatoes
diced onions
diced tomatoes
green chutney
sweet chutney
chaat masala – sprinkle

sev puri

Mom is here…Again :)

I really really just want to repeat my previous entry (before Aakash was born and mom came to rescue). But, she deserves a special new write up 🙂

It’s also Aakash’s 2nd birthday – two weeks from now. My parents drove down from ohio so that we can celebrate his birthday in advance in case I am in the hospital for his birthday. We ordered Elmo cake from Wegman’s and he loved it. Mehul’s family came also. We celebrated on the deck and everyone had a blast.

On to the next few months where I barely cook and get spoiled by mom. Oh yeah, I am okay with that.

Naan Pizza

We had an amazing party with family from Ohio and New Jersey for Aakash. There was so much food and so much chaos (good kind) for four full days. I felt like all I did was eat constantly. My mom made roti (bread), green beans subzi, cabbage subzi, and all of other Gujarati food she makes on daily basis. I made chole and paneer dish. To make sure there was enough for everyone, we ordered malai kofta and garlic naan from Himalaya. Everyone loved the food and we had fun eating the cake from Wegmans (Which we realized was just plain because the lady who took the order, didn’t write things down right and A just had plain cake instead of this fancy micky mouse one we picked out). Regardless, it was delish!

Anyways, you can image how much left-over I had come sunday when everyone was gone. I decided to make Pizza using the leftover garlic naan. It came out really good. We had our friends Aparna and Anand come join us to help attack the deliciousness of it.

Asian food by SIL

This weekend, Mehul’s brother, wife, two kids, (BWKs) and parents visited us in PA because BWKs were going to be in Canada during A’s birthday week/end (july4-8, when the whole family is planning to be here in PA (from Ohio and parents from NJ)). Anyways, they wanted to come celebrate his birthday before they head off to Canada for the month of July. Well, SIL decided to cook us Asian food saturday night and it was all delicious. So.Good.

I watched (and helped) her prepare few of the stuff but, mostly it was all her. I loved all the food she made. Maybe one day I will ask her to blog the recipes. For now, enjoy these mouth-watering photos. Mango Sushi, Lettuce Wrap, and Flat Bread:

Vegetarian Biryani

-one small onion
-one small bell pepper (whichever kind you have – multiple kind if you have extra)
-about 3-4 cut top heads of cauliflower (one cup cut)
-1/2 cup of cut green beans
-1/4 cup of sweet peas
-very small potato – chopped
-mustered seeds
-3 tbsp of oil
-salt and pepper
-3 green chillies cut
-1 cup of white basmati rice
-1/2 of brown basmati rice
-2 cups of water
-lemon juice

Start boiling/cooking rice in water. Let it cook normally but you don’t want the rice to be mushy – you want it to cook it to separate. let it cool.

put oil in flat frying pan (or wok), let cumin and mustered seeds spluttered. Once done, add all the veggies. Let it cook for few mins and add garlic, ginger, and green chilies. Once all the veggies are cooked (just medium, not well done), add all the masalas (paprika, turmeric, salt, pepper) and add cool rice to it. Mix it well and sprinkle some lemon juice on top (to taste).

Enjoy with some yogurt.